Grounds for Coffee

Grounds for Coffee is a Sponsor of Leading Moms 2017.

Grounds for coffee was a child of the ‘90s – minus the jelly shoes. In 1992, our President and Founder, Dan Hilton, decided to make a 180-degree turn in his career: from banking to baking. He started Grounds for Coffee in 1993, as Vancouver’s coffee culture was beginning to pick up steam, and settled into the business of developing a knock-out cinnamon bun recipe from scratch.And that’s exactly what he did. Nearly a quarter-century later, Grounds for Coffee sells its cinnamon buns, which are still made by hand with locally-sourced ingredients, to hundreds of locations across B.C. and Alberta.

We are committed to providing the finest-quality food and beverages for our customers, and a cozy neighborhood haven in which to enjoy them. We’re also committed to maintaining a happy and healthy team of employees, which is why we’ve built exceptional employee benefits into our business.

Twitter: @groundsyvr
Instagram: @groundsyvr

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