In today’s world – more than ever – it is important that women and mothers use their voices. That we stand up for what we believe in. That we speak up for ourselves and for others. That we use our own voices to speak for those that cannot be heard.

We are working on the details for Leading Moms 2018 and will have more information for you soon.

Rave Reviews

Wonderful, perfect, inspiring morning at Leading Moms. Thanks for having me. I’ll be processing today’s talks for years to come. #LMinspire
Sabrina FurmingerJournalist & Leading Moms 2016 Speaker
[A] fabulous day full of inspirational words from successful women…. I’ll be there next year. I came home from the conference feeling refreshed and ready for big hugs from my girls.
Jenny LutesBlogger @ Ruminating Mommy
The event has not only provided me with a venue to take in inspiring stories from leading women, it has given me a space to connect with like-minded moms, and to explore my own inner leader.
Bianca BujanBlogger @ Bits of Bee